Something I have been doing a lot of lately is working on wedding day timelines with my clients and it got me thinking about helping you find out how much wedding photography do you need. I know that at the time of booking a wedding photographer it can be difficult to know if you need 4 hours, 6 hours or 10 hours of photography as the planning has only just begun and in the final few weeks many couples find they want more coverage to ensure all those important moments are captured.

As a general rule I find that I need the following amount of time for each component of the day:

  • Groom Prep 30-45 minutes
  • Bride Prep 90 minutes
  • Civil ceremony/Congratulations 45-60 minutes
  • Family Portraits 30 minutes
  • Bridal Party/Bride and Groom Portraits 45-60 minutes
  • Reception Details 15 minutes

So all of these components add up to about 5 hours of photography. As wedding photography is continuous however you then need to consider the travel distances between the groom and bride’s preparation locations, to the ceremony and then to the photo locations and reception which could add up to 2 hours bringing the estimated coverage closer to 7 hours.

With small amounts of travel (no more than 15 minutes from one point to another), I find that 6 hours of photography is ideal for bride prep through until approximately 30 minutes of the reception whereas 8 hours of coverage will allow the Groom’s prep to be documented and possibly up to 2 hours of the reception. Having 10 hours of coverage would allow for more preparation time, longer travel distances and up to 4 hours of reception coverage.

Mar 1, 2016

How much wedding photography do you need?