While we did their Fremantle engagement photos, I got to know Billie and Jason and how they became a couple which all started with a late night phone call. Jason’s friends heckled him in the background calling out “Jason likes you Billie!” until he finally relented and said it himself, “I like you Billie and I think we should go out.” Falling into a fit of giggles with her best friend she told him to stop being silly and hung up the phone but her 15 year old mind was racing and her heart had quickened. This boy she had liked since year 7 had started something in motion.

The next day he found her at work and played it coy hanging out at the counter with her as his friends prowled the video store she worked at but neither mentioned the phone call. As his friends gave up on finding a movie they all decided to leave and Billie’s heart no doubt sank a little as they left. But a few minutes later, Jason walked back into the store and burst out, “So are we going out? You never answered my question?”

From that moment as teenagers falling in love they have never looked back. Now they live together, work together, play together and are planning a life and a future together starting with their wedding at Caversham House. I am so excited to spend more time with them on their wedding day, especially after their engagement session a couple of weeks ago with their precious puppy, Rocky.

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Mar 29, 2016

Fremantle Engagement Photos