I was so delighted to share in Kylie and Ben’s Nedlands Yacht Club wedding last month. With the sun shining above and the sail boats rolling by behind them, they vowed to live for each other and to finally get their puppy.

After an uneventful Saturday night in sharing dinner together, Ben snuck upstairs and returned wearing his tuxedo. Kylie knew that they were going to get married one day, she just never knew when the proposal would come and no doubt her heart skipped a beat as she realised that this was it.

Before asking the big question though, Ben had some conditions of marriage though which he outlined to her. First on the list was the condition that they could get a puppy and secondly that pyjamas will be optional in their family home amongst other things. After Kylie accepted, Ben signalled for their beloved cat Lily to come them. Ben confesses there was no training involved but she ran down the stairs straight to Ben and rolled on her back revealing an engagement ring tied to her collar.

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Wedding Gown: Bride’s Desire via Hobnob Bridal // Makeup Artist: Holly Grady // Ceremony & Reception: Nedlands Yacht Club

Dec 11, 2015

Nedlands Yacht Club Wedding