After 6 years of photographing weddings, I was asked recently about why I am a perth wedding photographer and the driving force behind me continuing to do what I do is to be part of something incredible. To not only witness the marriage of two people but to be chosen to be the only perspective for their own memories. It is truly humbling when I think about it. Yes, I want to create photographs that are art but my goal is to create a beautifully simple and yet heightened reality of their day. The more I think about it it is less about the technicality of photography. I am not looking for accolades or awards – just the approval of my clients.

On Saturday I photographed the most beautiful wedding that was filled with so much love it was bursting at the seams. Unfortunately the heat knocked me around a bit and although it was only 31 degrees celcius it may as well have been 50 degrees as I all of a sudden felt the oncoming of heat stroke after the ceremony. Normally this is the part of the day when I take control and coordinate family photos but with my head pounding I had to take a step back and let my assistant do the wrangling and talking while I took a breath in between photos. It was a humbling moment when I had to simply accept that I was human but all I could think was that I was letting down my clients.

As wedding photographers we work for long hours, generally on weekends, without a break or a meal and in Perth this is often under the hot sun. We make do with what we’re given and learn to embrace the lulls during the day or look forward to the first bathroom break once we arrive at the reception. Add to these factors the stress of a wedding day, timelines and then trying to be creative and intentional with the photographs we take but also honour the reality of what a wedding is truly about is extremely difficult. Its a hard job but all of those elements are part of its nature and I accepted that a long time ago.

Even when I am tired and dehydrated and hungry, I still sway to the music while photographing a reception and laugh at the speeches and tear up when the Groom tells his Bride that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. It is all about them and I am only here to serve them as best I can.

All of those memories of the heat disappeared as we captured the last of the sunset on Saturday and I took a deep breath and thanked God for this calling that is greater than I could have every imagined for myself.


Oct 12, 2015

Why I am a perth wedding photographer