Hannah and Sam decided to hold their engagement photos just a few streets from their home in North Fremantle and if their wedding is anything like their engagement session, I know it is going to be incredible.

Hannah was impatient for a marriage proposal from the man of her dreams but knew that their home renovations were likely going to put it on the back burner for a little while more. For now she was content with her family of three (with their adorable pup Sally) in the home they were renovating just meters from the beach which is one of her favourite places to be.

However one night as Sam was doing some late night renovations and Hannah supervised with a glass of wine and conversation, Sam suggested they get some takeaway for dinner and they decided on a trip down memory lane with a meal they had had when they first started dating. After dinner they were filled with memories and pasta and Sam offered Hannah a diamond ring and the promise of forever. Needless to say, she said yes.

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Oct 8, 2015

North Fremantle Engagement Session