I always ask my clients, if there was just one photograph you could keep from your day, what would it be? For Louise and Jason it was the elation of being announced husband and wife at their spring wedding at Mosmans Restaurant. Walking down the aisle to a resounding applause as their friends and family congratulated them on their marriage and wish them nothing but love and happiness for their future. There was nothing that could contain their smiles and joy.

On a day that was forecast with thunderstorms and lots of rain, they walked out of the church with the sun shining on them and the skies were bright blue. The clouds had cleared and that left us with a beautiful early spring afternoon for them to celebrate their love.

Congratulations Lou and Jason! You set the bar high for my coming wedding season!! I hope you have an amazing time in New Zealand on your skiing honeymoon and that it is filled with lots of champagne and slow dances xx

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Wedding Gown: Loui Col Designs // Makeup: Milla Makeup // Hair Stylist: Krystal Okey (Beautify Brides) // Florals: Katie Cooper Floral Design // Stationery: Lala Design // Reception Venue: Mosmans Restaurant // Cake Artist: Sugar Coated Cake Design

Sep 4, 2015

Spring Wedding at Mosmans Restaurant