We had a last minute change for Kylie and Ben’s Kings Park engagement photos and it couldn’t have been a better choice. Spring time in Kings Park with all the wildflowers out in spectacular show gave us the most beautiful backdrop. I can’t wait for their wedding this November in Nedlands!

The do say opposites attract and you can be sure if Kylie likes one thing, Ben will like another and this is the crux of The Olive Theory. That one person balances out the other by being the yin to their yang and the salt to their sweet and somehow it works. That in spite of these differences, there is a deep connection that binds two people together and I always love watching it unfold in front of my camera.

01-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 02-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 03-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 04-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 05-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 06-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 07-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 08-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 09-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 10-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 11-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 12-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 13-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen15-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen16-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen14-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen 17-Angela-Higgins-KylieBen

Sep 16, 2015

Kings Park Engagement Photos