From his proposal to a huge dip for the first kiss at their wedding at Sandalford Winery (and his pre-wedding shenanigans with his brothers), if you want to meet a man with all the right moves it’s Josh.

While on cloud nine having just completed their pre-start meeting for their new house, Josh suggested they look at engagement rings. I don’t think there is a girl in the world would say no so off they went and Lauren chose her favourite and she said that Josh should go back on his own and buy it when he was ready.

A few no doubt torturous weeks later as they were down south getting ready to go to dinner, Josh called out to Lauren to come into the bathroom. As he opened the door she entered a steam room and as the air cleared she saw Will you marry me? written on the mirror in the fog surrounded by hearts. Josh fell to his knee and asked her the question out loud and she fell into him in tears. Happy tears of course.

I was delighted to see Josh and Lauren officially get married at Sandalford Winery last month surrounded by their loved ones. It was the most spectacular day with perfect golden sunlight and I wish them all the world of happiness.

01-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer02-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer04-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer03-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 05-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 06-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 07-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 10-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer09-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer11-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer12-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer08-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 15-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer16-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer (1)17-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer (1)14-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer (1) 18-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 19-Angela-Higgins-Flower-Girl-Pink 21-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer20-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 22-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 23-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 24-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 25-Angela-Higgins-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding 26-Angela-Higgins-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding 27-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding 28-Paula-and-Jo-Wedding-Dress 30-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer29-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 31-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 32-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 33-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 34-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 35-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 36-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 37-Sandalford-Winery-Weddings-Angela-Higgins


Gown: Paula & Jo // Bridesmaids Gowns: Goddess by Nature // Florist: White Posie // Officiant: Shannon Flemming // Venue: Sandalford Winery // Cake Artist: Candy Cakes // Rentals and Hire: Bride + Groom // Videographer: Shannon Stent Images

Mar 20, 2015

Wedding at Sandalford Winery