I try not to play favourites but I fell more than a little in love with Claire and Perry’s vibrant summer Joondalup Resort wedding. While they had talked about marriage for a while, neither had taken a definite stance on when or how┬áit would happen. They had subtly discussed plans for their future together and even window shopped for engagement rings but nothing was certain, except for their love for each other.

It wasn’t long afterwards however that Perry’s intentions were made perfectly clear as he drove Clare to the beach one evening. It was the same location they decided to begin courting and their relationship truly began so when Perry told Clare cooly and collectedly that he wanted to spend the rest of his life making her happy, she broke down in hysterical tears (just what every guy wants his girlfriend to do!). Fortunately she pulled it together long enough to say “Yes” and with that tiny word they began planning the rest of their lives.

Clare and Perry, I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in the chilly New York weather, cuddled up together, drinking hot chocolate and making even more plans for what I know will be an amazing future together.

01-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 02-Joondalup-Resort-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 03-Flower-Girl-Crown-Twigged-By-Tali 04-Joondalup-Resort-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 05-Joondalup-Resort-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 06-Joondalup-Resort-Wedding-Angela-Higgins
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37-Twigged-By-Tali-Flowers-Wedding35-Joondalup-Resort-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 38-Joondalup-Resort-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 39-Joondalup-Resort-Wedding-Angela-Higgins


Makeup Artist: Milla Makeup // Hair Stylist: Hair Creative // Wedding Gown: Tuscany Bridal // Florist : Twigged by Tali // Rentals : Hire Society // Event Designer: The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator // Cake : The Cake Studio // Stationery: Paper Fusion // Venue : Joondalup Resort

Jan 9, 2015

Vibrant Summer Joondalup Resort Wedding