Today’s Noosa portrait session is close to my heart. You see the young lady in these photos is my step-daughter, Phoebe. I’ve watched her grow from a child into a woman and am privileged to have been able to guide her through her life. To advise her when she needs it (and even more when she doesn’t want to hear it). To try to set an example of what it means to be a woman today, which is no easy feat.

I have noticed that our relationship has changed rather dramatically since she entered adulthood and we are trying to find a new equilibrium in our lives. A balance between her being independent and still being an active and valued part of our home and our lives. She obviously wants more freedom and think she knows best and it is a challenge for me to hold back and let her make her mistakes rather than swoop her up and protect her. She challenges me to remember that my ways are not her ways and no matter how much she may have copied me as a child, she is now her own woman.

One of the best decisions she made since becoming an adult is choosing this young man to be her boyfriend. Aidan balances her and reminds her, in his own way, of those things I might have a few years ago. While she knows no boundaries in her dreams and plans, he will carefully place himself nearby to catch her when she falls.

I was honoured to photograph their relationship on our recent trip to Noosa to help Phoebe remember this time in her life.

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Dec 11, 2014

Noosa Portrait Session