There is something so unique about Noosa that makes it feel special enough to be a welcomed holiday break and familiar enough to feel like home as you’ll see in my 2014 Noosa Travel Diary. We’ve been visiting for the past 5 years and during our stay this year I realised that it will always be a destination for us for many years to come.

Grant and I arrived a few days earlier than the rest of the family (who were coming for the Noosa Triathlon that Ben and Grant were competing in) and we spent our days wandering up and down the beach and shopping on Hastings Street, stopping for a cool drink and a moment to rest our feet and indulge our taste buds.

One of my favourite moments was after an amazing dinner at Miss Moneypenny’s as we got a gelato on the way home. All of a sudden the heavens opened and we ran home laughing while trying to avoid the big fat drops of summer rain. Or perhaps my favourite memory was as we walked the boardwalk hand in hand and I had to stop and take advantage of the oyster bar on offer for happy hour at Bernardo’s Bistro while we watched people enjoying the last of the sun’s warmth. Or maybe it was the crazy cheap mangoes that I ate every afternoon that exploded like a burst of summer with each bite. Its hard to choose one memory that is above another but I know we’ll be back soon to create even more.

Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-007Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-001Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-002Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-009Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-008Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-003Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-006Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-004Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-010Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-012Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-011Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-013Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-005 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-014 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-015 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-016 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-017 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-018 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-019Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-021Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-020 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-022 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-023Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-024Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-028Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-029 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-030

Nov 21, 2014

Noosa Travel Diary 2014