This weather we’ve been experiencing in Perth has reminded me of Clare and Perry’s engagement session in City Beach. We postponed their session a couple of times due to stormy weather but finally when we did manage to do their session we had the most lovely winter light shining upon us.

Clare and Perry had been moving in the same circles for years before they began their own friendship. Their first date that was meant to be a movie date, turned out to be a 3 hour conversation in the car as they realised they had met, what can only be described, as their best friend in each other. There is something so magical about realising someone you always knew has qualities and a personality that you simply can’t live without.

I am so looking forward to seeing Clare and Perry become husband and wife this weekend at Joondalup Resort and am thrilled to be part of their day.

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Nov 27, 2014

An engagement session in City Beach