“The cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears and the sea.”

I couldn’t imagine living far away from the coast. There is something about spending time on the shore that is immediately soothing. The waves rush in and recede out and the sound is perhaps my most favourite sound in the world.

This week we are taking some time to getaway in the south west for a few days. No kids. No dogs needing medicine. No meals needing to be cooked or groceries to be bought. The last couple of months have been more hectic than anticipated and its nice to be able to take some time together to reconnect before the warmer months begin and we see even less of each other. I always love it down south in the winter where everything is so green and the landscape just begs to be explored through trails and bush walks amongst the lush forests.

I realised as I started to think about going away that I hadn’t yet shared my photographs from our trip to Bunker Bay for my birthday weekend in April. So what better time than now for you to also take a quick getaway down south for some sun and sea.

All photographs on a mix of colour and black and white film including Ektar 100, Porta 400 and 800 and 400TX on both my Mamiya 645 and Pentax K1000. 

Canal Rocks Canal RocksCanal RocksCanal RocksCanal RocksCanal RocksCanal RocksSugar Loaf RockCanal RocksCanal RocksSugar Loaf RockBunker Bay Quay West ResortBunker BayBunker BayBunker BayBunker Bay Quay West ResortBunker Bay Quay West ResortBunker BayBunker Bay Quay West ResortBunker BayBunker Bay SunsetBunker BayVeuve Cliquot ChampagneBunker BayBunker BayBunker BayBunker Bay


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Aug 5, 2014

Bunker Bay Getaway