I was delighted to visit Broome last month to photograph Chloe and Hilly’s beautiful wedding at Cable Beach Club Resort back at the location where they became engaged two years before and we could not have asked for a better day. With such mild weather and the most beautiful light as the sun began to set, it was a magical day.

Chloe walked behind Hilly, up and down sand dunes, always on the look out for snakes. Hilly had found a private spot along Cable Beach for them to watch the sunset one last time as they were travelling back home the following day and while Chloe admits she’d have rather sat in the sunset bar at Cable Beach Club and watch the camels pass by, she trusted his enthusiasm and they eventually came across a clearing with a view of the famous beach and the equally famous sunset.

As they sat on the beach with not another soul to be seen, watching the sun slowly change colours and fall beyond the horizon, Hilly poured a glass of wine for them both.  He waited for the perfect moment in this already beautiful scene and the dropped to one knee and asked Chloe to be his. Forever.

Cable-Beach-Wedding-Angela-HigginsBroome-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-HigginsFrangipani-Broome-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Angela-HigginsPalm-Tree-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Wedding-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Wedding-Angela-Higgins Wedding-Jewellery-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsLoui-Col-Designs-Angela-HigginsLoui-Col-Designs-Angela-HigginsHill_BroomeWedding_013Hill_BroomeWedding_014Hill_BroomeWedding_015Hill_BroomeWedding_016 Cable-Beach-Club-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Wedding-Broome-Angela-HigginsLily-Pond-Cable-Beach-Wedding-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsHill_BroomeWedding_022Cable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-Higgins
Cable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsBroome-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsLoui-Col-Designs-Bride-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsBroome-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-HigginsCable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-HigginsHill_BroomeWedding_034 Cable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-Higgins Cable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-Higgins Broome-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins Hill_BroomeWedding_039 Cable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-Higgins Cable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-Higgins Broome-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins Cable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-Higgins Cable-Beach-Broome-Wedding-Angela-Higgins


Wedding Gown & Veil : Loui Col Designs // Mother of the Bride gown : Loui Col Designs // Bridesmaid Gown : George // Florals : Broome Florist // Rentals : Broome Party Hire // Cake Artist : Bent on Cakes Broome // Entertainment : Notch8 Entertainment // Videographer : Shannon Stent Images // Ceremony & Reception Venue : Cable Beach Club

Jul 14, 2014

A wedding at Cable Beach Club Resort