My clients always choose the locations of their engagement sessions and Erin and John knew exactly where to hold their Subiaco engagement session. I will guide them and advise them when they need it but for the most part, it is all up to them to choose a location that speaks to them. Lately I’ve had a few couples who have chosen to really take this task to heart and they’ve chosen a very special location such as Erin and John did at their recent session.

Just a few days before their engagement session they started moving things into their new home that they would move into later that weekend, just 4 weeks before their upcoming wedding so it was the perfect idea to do the engagement session in their new neighbourhood. This is such an exciting time in their lives and we wandered their quiet leafy street while children played around us and talked about their future together in their new home and their upcoming marriage. Erin can see a duck and a tea cup piggy in their future (which I will be first to come and cuddle!) and as we finished up the shoot in front of their new home it was exciting to think about what the future does have in store for them.

Mar 27, 2014

An engagement session in Subiaco