It is always a dream of a wedding photographer to photograph a wedding that overshadows the rest. Usually this means the location and the details are big budget numbers or there is something spectacularly unique that has been arranged. But then there are the understated weddings that take a back seat to allow the love to shine through with carefully thought out details.

For Kylie and Neil, their intimate morning wedding at Millbrook Winery was one such wedding. There love is a quiet love that creeped up on them over time and their wedding was a perfect reflection without fanfare or pomp. A simple garden wedding and a lunch time reception that was as elegant and as thoughtful as any wedding I have had the privilege to witness.

Before each wedding I ask my clients to let me know of details or moments that are important to them and for Kylie a big part of her wedding day was including her father who had passed away a few short years ago. There were mementos throughout the day that paid respect to his memory and to her family history such as a strong presence of roses which is a tangible symbol of their family tradition of all the girls having the middle name of Rose and a piece of lace from Kylie’s mothers wedding dress wrapped around her bouquet.

It also turned out that Kylie was a girl after my own heart wearing Chanel shoes and Chanel No 5 for her wedding day which she discovered is the same perfume that Kylie’s dad bought her mother on the day she was born. Coincidence or fate? I’ll let you decide.


Ceremony and Reception: Millbrook Winery / Florist: Flower Talk / Wedding Gown: Lisa Ho / Bride’s Shoes: Chanel / Hair and Makeup Artist: Creations by Kassy / Headpiece: Twigs and Honey / Cake Artist: Rochelle Adonis / Stationery: Mitchell & Dent

Dec 5, 2013

Intimate wedding at Millbrook Winery