A big party as Jess told me she hoped it their Joondalup Resort wedding would be like. We were blessed with sunshine on a day that was also pretty important to some other people around the country gathered in front of their television sets but for us, the entire focus was on this amazing young couple who were ready to declare their love and spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Jess and Luke knew that marriage was on their cards – it was just a matter of time. Jess expected it to be a decision that was made together naturally rather than a grand gesture but it was at Christmas 2011 when the ball started rolling. As Jess was stuffing a turkey for Christmas lunch they were hosting for their family, Luke came into the kitchen and said, “I know we weren’t going to get each other gifts this year but I’ve gotten you one.” As Jess turned around, he was standing in front of her in the kitchen holding out a ring box and a beautiful engagement ring inside.




GOWN: Tuscany Bridal | FLORALS: The Boulevard Florist | CEREMONY & RECEPTION – Joondalup Resort | CAKE ARTIST: Chocolate Art

Oct 10, 2013

Joondalup Resort Wedding