It’s true that I share a lot of information on my blog about myself and my business. I love using my blog as a way for my clients (and potential clients) to get to know me but I realised that its been a while since I really shared. So I thought that choosing 5 things you didn’t know about me would be a good start.

1) I don’t like ice-cream

Perhaps its because we weren’t big dessert eaters in our house growing up. Perhaps its because I find it much too cold for my tastes. I’m not sure but I’m here to say – I don’t like ice cream. I often get funny looks from Grant’s family, who don’t consider a meal complete with out dessert and especially ice cream, when I refuse the dessert course. I mean, saying you don’t like ice cream is a little like saying you don’t like puppies. Really.

2) I have a heart-shaped vein on my ankle

I felt very special when I looked down one day as a teenager and noticed a vein in the distinct shape of a heart on my left ankle. I have never noticed it before but I felt it was a visible sign of my tendency to fall in love without reserve at that age. A more literal version of wearing your heart on your sleeve…but on your ankle.

3) I hoard notebooks

I love the idea of being a note taker. I buy notebooks with all good intention of using one for business ideas, another for workshops only, another for to do lists…and so on. The truth is I write in the first page or so and then it gets sent to the notebook graveyard almost full of blank pages.

4) I don’t swim in the ocean

Nothing makes me feel calmer and more connected to myself than being at the beach. Feeling my feet sink into the sand and hearing the waves crash on the shore…its just so soothing. However, I’m a little paranoid of sharks and am more than happy for them to have the ocean and I can watch it from the shore.

5) I stopped biting my nails!

A terrible habit that consensus says I developed from my mother that I managed to break last year. I’ve gone for a few months here and there in the past where I stopped biting my nails but towards the end of 2012 I decided to give it another go and no longer be a nail biter. Grant loved the idea until he realised that he’d have to live with the scent of nail polish every now and then to keep them looking fabulous!

Mar 11, 2013

5 things you don’t know about angela higgins