I could not think of a more perfect couple to mark the occasion of my 200th blog post than with Chloe and Brendan’s romantic summer wedding at Mosman Restaurant. So, happy blog anniversary to me and congratulations to Chloe and Brendan!

Quite recently my step-daughter Phoebe has been accompanying me as my assistant to weddings. While I normally work by myself, she has been studying film and photography and I thought it might be a good learning curve for her, while making my job a little easier and helping me out by carrying my bags, bringing me water and peeling my grapes. Ok, so I’m exaggerating about the grapes.

As we spent time with Chloe and Brendan on their wedding day I couldn’t help but feel indebted to Brendan for showing all of us how a woman should be cherished and loved. As we watched and photographed them, we saw the way he gravitated towards his bride. The way he put his hand on the small of her back, silently declaring, “She’s mine”. And the way he promised to live only for her. Similarly, we saw the love and comfort that Chloe felt when she looked at him and I can only imagine during those moments the world stopped spinning.

At the end of the night, after the speeches and cake, I turned to Phoebe and said, “Hold out for a man who treats you the way Brendan treats Chloe, Phoebe. Don’t compromise for anything less.”

We started the day with Brendan and his friends and family. There was a quiet buzz in the air as they waited for the clock to click down and get ready for the ceremony.

Then we were off to see the girls. I immediately fell in love with Chloe’s gorgeous and so simple and understated Samantha Wynne gown. It suited her natural beauty perfectly. The blush bridesmaid dresses were from Forever New and were so flattering on all the girls.

I just can’t get enough of peonies! They seem to be more available in Perth now and I just love seeing them in my bride’s bouquets. All the florals were supplied by Blush Flowers and were stunning.

A perfect solution for a garden wedding – wedges!

The ceremony was held in the Sunken Gardens of UWA. I never tire of shooting at the university and just love the architecture surrounded by lush gardens.

There are some couples who once they are done with the officialness of the wedding seem to merge into one another and maintain that connection through out the day. Sometimes its just the touch of fingers or shoulders but I love being able to photograph these small and yet so significant moments.

Following the ceremony we wandered the grounds of UWA and took advantage of the fantastic weather and oh so fun bridal party.

Chloe and her bridesmaids had their hair by Chanel Didomenico and makeup by Misty Gillies. I loved that each bridesmaid had a different hairstyle and they all looked stunning.

Always my favourite part of the day is the on location portraits. We actually had 2 hours for portraits to just hang out and have some fun while getting some lovely photographs. Such a luxury but it meant absolutely no pressure and no rushing.

The reception was at one of my favourite all time venues, Mosmans Restaurant. Chloe and Brendan’s style was a perfect fit for the neutral background of the restaurant and looked like a dream.

Dec 19, 2011

Romantic summer wedding at Mosmans Restaurant