‘Tis the season for lovely engagement sessions!

We originally postponed Chloe and Brendan’s engagement session because of a thunderstorm. The weather in Perth over the past couple of months has been crazy with rain and storms and not at all what you’d expect for this time of year. I love the wetter and milder weather however its not the best for shoots. When we caught up the following week Chloe, Brendan and I were finally able to have their engagement session in Hyde Park surrounded by jacarandas in bloom and just a few ducklings giving us the sign that it was indeed spring. The day could not have been more perfect as we wandered the park and got to know each other better.

We spoke of Brendan’s plans for his proposal while they were holidaying in Bali that Chloe unknowingly squashed. He had to revert to Plan B and as the evening drew to a close after they had dinner and watched the sun set from their favourite restaurant, he dropped down onto one knee and proposed. When I look at Chloe and Brendan together I feel an air of calm. The way Brendan looks at his bride-to-be is breathtaking and I know that he will do his absolute best to ensure she is happy. Every so often as I edited their photos I would sigh and think to myself that this is the way every woman should be looked at by the man she loves.

I feel a natural affinity with these two incredibly wonderful people. For a start, Chloe is also going to be Mrs Walton and secondly their wedding coming up this weekend is going to be a simple but beautiful day with personal touches throughout. I can’t get enough of them both and am delighted to be spending their wedding day with them.

Nov 18, 2011

Hyde Park Engagement Session – Chloe and Brendan