This is quite possibly one of my favourite engagement stories ever that I heard at Dryw and Bec’s engagement session at Fremantle Beach and I got to see first hand how much they mean to each other and got a glimpse into their relationship. They are going to tie the knot this November and I am honoured to be along for the ride.

Dryw was quite deliberate in how and when he proposed to Bec. About 2 years into their relationship they lived in London and travelled around Europe for a year. Needless to say, all of there family and friends were laying down bets, waging that they would come back engaged and ready to tie the knot. However, Dryw not wanting to be too cliched, waited. Patiently.

On their 4 year anniversary after they had been home for a couple of months, he couldn’t wait any longer and Dryw finally asked Bec to be his wife. He promised to look after her and give her everything she needed and the first step was building their home on the land he proposed on.

Sep 5, 2011

An engagement session at Fremantle Beach