Loveliness – Summer 2012

In my previous job in the corporate world, one of my responsibilities was looking for and helping forecast future trends in the home décor world. It was a fun part of my job and I loved trawling magazines and website to see what was happening in the world and predict what would happen in the future.

When I left my job I continued to look for trends and forecasts in fashion and home décor and could easily see how these two industries have a big impact on the wedding industry. For a while I have continued to soak up these trends and information not really knowing what to do with it other than be able to tell Phoebe that her new floral print skirt is a great investment for the coming summer or convince myself that an outdoor cushion I saw recently with a pink flamingo on it would be perfect for our entertaining area.

Then I had a thought. I had an idea of a resource for my brides and grooms that was beautiful, relevant, informative and above all inspiring that extends beyond their wedding and into their daily lives. I’ve always tried to educate my clients to help them make informed decisions when it comes to their wedding photography – this blog is one way I do that and in the past I’ve created small documents for their information too. This time though, I wanted to think a little bigger.

I started writing down some ideas and concepts and then lost steam. While having breakfast with a friend I mentioned my idea and she gave me the momentum I needed to approach it again and try to make it happen – if not so just she could read it. So I took some time over the winter months to bring it all together and am now happy to announce the launch of my online magazine, Loveliness.

Loveliness is not just a wedding magazine but a mix of photography, fashion, lifestyle and advice. It is a place for inspiration and aspiration and is written for my clients and future clients. It’s a place that gives ideas and hopefully provokes thoughts with articles from market trends and real weddings, to my experience when it comes to certain parts of wedding planning such as why I encourage my couples to have an engagement session and how I run a boutique photography business and why this benefits my clients. My goal was to encourage conversation and give information to couples when they consider not only how photography plays such an important part in their wedding, but also in their planning of their big day to be able to have a beautiful wedding without the stress.

With every wedding I am involved with, I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have this luxury of writing my own rules as I go along. I hope for this magazine to be a quarterly venture that moves with the seasons. It is my heart on my sleeve and I hope you enjoy it.


5 Responses to Loveliness – Summer 2012

  1. Oh wow Angela! I’ve been a fan of your work for quite some time so I’m looking forward to devouring each and every page of Loveliness! Congratulations! x

  2. WOW! Angela this is stunning! You are so clever! :)

  3. Love every page! Thank you for the Life is beautiful style shoot with me.

  4. Nikki Janeway says:

    Love love looooove!

  5. Lovely design. very coherent with your brand. great work :)

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