Loveliness Magazine

I’ve always felt that a wedding isn’t just a wedding. Yes, the main purpose of the event is the marriage of two people in love but the remainder of the day is a celebration of that small moment in time.

My belief is that usually a Bride and Groom will choose a meal to serve to their guests they would happily eat on a Saturday night at their favourite restaurant or serve up in their own kitchen and serve a cocktail they would choose while on holiday in Fiji. They will choose décor that could easily be seen in their home such as cushions, furniture, place settings and candle votives and will finally be able to justify an investment in long admired luxury items such as a custom suit or a pair of Manolo Blahniks that will definitely see the light of day over and over again. They will play music that is on shuffle on their iPod and they will invite those people they would happily host at a barbeque on a long weekend.

With this belief, Loveliness is not just a wedding magazine but also a lifestyle magazine for stylish Brides and Grooms who want more from life.

Loveliness is a place for inspiration and aspiration. A bi-annual publication that gives ideas and hopefully provokes thoughts – and to offer my experience to Brides and Grooms when it comes to certain parts of planning as it relates to photography such as why I encourage my couples to have an engagement session and how I run a boutique photography business and why this benefits my clients. The intent is to create conversation and give information to Brides and Grooms when they consider not only how photography plays such an important part in their wedding, but also in their planning of their big day to be able to have a relaxed and beautiful wedding.

It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be over-styled. What it can be is a couple’s unique fingerprint on their wedding with décor, fashion, food, flowers, music, vows, location, season, hair and makeup as they say to their family and friends, “This is us.”

It is written from me to you, my Client, and I hope you enjoy it. Read the current issue HERE or click HERE for past issues