20 things to do when business is slow

While being a wedding photographer is definitely seasonal for the photography part, there is so much that can be done during the slow season to help set up your business for success in the next. This is the time to be reviewing, revising and refining so many aspects that often get lost in the busy […]

Jul 10, 2018


My weekly batching schedule

I’ll be the first to admit that my life doesn’t look exactly like I thought it would when I quit my desk job and started my photography business in 2008. As I walked out the door I bragged to my colleagues how I’d be making a healthy lunch each day, wouldn’t have a vending machine […]

Apr 10, 2018


How to create a marketing calendar

I’ll wager that you have heard of the term Marketing Calendar, Editorial Calendar or Content Calendar more than a few times. From my perspective having a marketing/editorial calendar is imperative to allow me to see at a glance what blog posts and mailing list emails I have coming up that need to be created and […]

Feb 20, 2018


3 things to do before starting work

There are 3 specific things that I do before starting work which sets me up for success and if there is one thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur, it is that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Having a goal and a plan is essential – especially when you don’t have a […]

Dec 12, 2017


How to create brand trust

Branding and how to create brand trust has been a fascination and passion of mine for years now and in my job before I was a photographer I was fortunate to work with a brilliant branding and marketing team at a major Australian company. I was able to see that branding was more than a […]

Nov 21, 2017


3 things to outsource in your business today

I truly love being a business owner but the one drawback of being a solo-preneur is the rotating roles that you have to take on. Other than being a photographer I am also the marketing manager, creative director, bookkeeper, website tech guru, blogger, email marketer, course and training developer, social media manager, errand runner, album […]

Oct 17, 2017


Do these 4 things before a social media detox

Earlier this month I decided to take a social media detox after I had a little surgery called a laparoscopic pyeloplasty. Its a keyhole surgery and the whole process is very non-invasive however as I was going to be taking a few days to rest after the surgery I started to realise that I had […]

Jul 28, 2017


3 ways to stay creative over winter

Winter is always welcome as I love finding ways to stay creative over winter months. After photographing my final wedding of the season last Friday (more on that to come next week!), it is officially the end of my wedding season. While I may not be shooting weddings over the next few months, believe me […]

May 10, 2017