Australian Country Church Wedding

Earlier this month I was delighted to be part of an editorial style shoot with some of my favourite creatives in Perth. Our inspiration was an adorable little church in Jarrahdale that was picture perfect and when I saw it, it made me think of another simple yet stylish wedding of American royalty many years ago that was one of the most stylish elopements ever. The weather board church. The beautiful bride. And of course the handsome groom in a black tie. We created our own chapel wedding with many nods to our Australian bush location.

We are so thrilled to have Polka Dot Bride featuring this beautiful style shoot today so do check it out for more images of this amazing shoot and a huge thanks to the entire team for bringing our concept to life!

Planner/Stylist: White Events // Flowers: Flower Talk // Chapel: St Pauls Anglican Church, Jarrahdale // Cake Baker: The Cake & I // Invitations & Stationery: Annie P Paperie // Cutlery, Crockery And Glassware Hire: Hire Society // Rental Furniture: Heart Strings & Pretty Things // Candles And Charger Plates: Zinnia Floral Designs // Gowns & Jewels: Samantha Wynne // Groom’s Attire: Australian Formal Wear // Hairstylist: Natasha Walker // Makeup Artist: Kathryn Colgan // Photographer: Angela Higgins // Special Thanks: Darling Range Wildlife Shelter

016-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 006-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 002-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 004-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 005-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 001-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 007-Church-Alter-Decor-Angela-Higgins 008-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 009-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 010-Samantha-Wynne-Gown-Angela-Higgins 003-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 011-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 012-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 013-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 014-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 015-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins

021-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 017-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 022-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 020-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 023-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 024-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 025-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 026-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 027-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 028-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 029-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 030-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 031-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 032-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 033-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 034-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 035-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 036-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 037-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 038-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 039-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 040-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 041-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 042-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 043-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 044-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 045-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 046-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 047-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 048-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 049-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 050-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 051-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 052-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 053-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 054-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 055-Lamington-Wedding-Cake-Angela-Higgins 056-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 057-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 058-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 059-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 060-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 061-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 062-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 063-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 064-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 065-St-Pauls-Jarrahdale-Church-Angela-Higgins 066-Australian-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 067-Trailing-Bouquet-Angela-Higgins

Sandalford Winery Wedding – Fallon and Michael

At the beginning of this month I was delighted to be able to photograph Michael and Fallon wedding. There were certainly a few hiccups on their day that kept them on their toes so much so that at one stage Fallon’s bridesmaids (who along with Fallon are diehard SATC fans) said to her in reference to Charlottes disastrous wedding to Harry, “Remember, the worse the wedding, the better the marriage!”

As we caught the last of the sunset over the spring vines of Sandalford Winery they looked at each other with such love and devotion all of those hiccups were a distant memory. I know that the future holds such incredible things for this couple and I am so honoured to have been able to witness them as they said, “I do”.

Wedding gown: Vera Wang // Florist: Poppy & Willow Blooms // Bridesmaid Gowns: Forever New // Cake Artist: Red Bird Cake Company // Makeup: Tatum Eyebrow and Makeup Specialist // Stationery: Wedding Paper Divas // Ceremony Venue: St Michael the Archangel // Reception Venue: Sandalford Winery

001-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 002-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 005-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 006-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 004-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 003-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins
014-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 008-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 007-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 010-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 011-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 012-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 013-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 015-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 016-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 017-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 018-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 019-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 021-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 020-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 023-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins
024-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 028-Vera-Wang-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 025-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 026-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 027-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 034-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 030-Vera-Wang-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 029-Vera-Wang-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 031-Vera-Wang-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 032-Vera-Wang-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 033-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 035-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 036-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 037-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 038-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 039-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins
041-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 042-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 043-Sandalford-Wedding-Angela-Higgins

Matilda Bay Wedding – Rebecca and David

We were finishing up our on location portraits along the river and the sun was setting on an unusually warm day in September and Rebecca looked over to their guests who were enjoying the cool evening while playing lawn games and laughing with each other. “Its exactly as I imagined it”, she said, as she looked over and smiled at her husband. He returned her smile and held her close, thinking that the day had turned out just as he had hoped too.

It was my pleasure to be able to photograph Rebecca and David’s Matilda Bay wedding last month and to have spent the day with them as they became husband and wife. Rebecca was dressed in a custom made gown that draped across her body perfectly and matched by her bridesmaids in deep grey gowns. She had said previously that their dream for their wedding was for it to be lighthearted, fun and relaxed and it was exactly that. The beginning of the next chapter in their true love story.

Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid Dresses: Hide n Seek Design // Hair Stylist: NVS Style Hair // Makeup: Vanessa Joy Makeup Artistry // Flowers: Flower Nation // Venue: Matilda Bay Restaurant

Matilda-Bay-Wedding-Angela-Higgins-01 Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins-42 Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins-41 Summer-Wedding-Angela-Higgins-38 Summer-Wedding-Angela-Higgins-39 Summer-Wedding-Angela-Higgins-40

Summer Vegetable Garden Planning

“Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes” Author unknown

Back in April, I planted out our autumn/winter vegetable garden with mixed success. We had our first crop of meyer lemons that have been preserved and ready for use over summer. I now know that the satisfaction of pulling homegrown carrots and radishes from the earth is an experience unlike any other and that shopping in my garden for dinner that evening is one of life’s great pleasures. I also know that growing cauliflower and broccoli in a small space is not worth the effort and I decided to focus on rainbow chard and lettuces instead that we would use regularly.

As I began to plan our summer kitchen garden, I was reminded why I wanted a vegetable garden in the first place. The offerings available at the garden nursery were either, red and big or red and small so I decided to try my hand at growing some from seed and I ended up finding some beautiful, heirloom varieties that will be lovely. Hopefully I haven’t left it too long and we’ll have some late summer beauties to share in panzanellas, salads and more (and that they’re much bigger than the ones I planted last year) and underplanted with multicoloured beets, radishes, marigolds and herbs for quite the summer vegetable garden.

Have you started your plans for your summer vegie patch? I’d love to hear what you’re trying to grow!

Angela Higgins Workshop – October 2014

I was so pleased to have 6 fabulous upcoming photographers attend my photography workshop earlier this week – and what a day it was! I do love offering the workshop as it allows me to share tools and lessons I have learned with photographers that are at different stages in their business, with the ultimate goal of helping them to run a better business.

Tools such as how I organise my schedule to be able to over deliver for my clients and also be there for my family. Tools that free up my time such as studio management and solid branding foundations that allow my business to prequalify my clients before they even contact me.

It would hardly be a photography workshop without a chance to break out the cameras and we had an amazing couple that brought their A game to the shoot. I was able to show the attendees how I worked with light and how I pose couples to get relaxed and natural portraits. They were then able to experiment and try out new techniques on their own. A huge thanks goes to the my friends in the team that helped me bring the shoot together which was a complete joy to photograph!

I hold workshops 1-2 times per year and if you’d like to know when the next workshop is on, please sign up to my mailing list and you’ll be the first in the know!

Wedding Gown: Pronovias via Samantha Wynne // Earrings: Samantha Wynne // Hair & Makeup: Megan Crosby // Flowers: Fox and Rabbit // Models: Melanie and Ian // Workshop Venue: Bluewater Grill

Angela Higgins Perth Wedding Photographer Perth Wedding Photographer Angela Higgins Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Perth Wedding Photographer Angela Higgins Peony Summer Bouquet Angela Higgins Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Perth Wedding Photographer Angela Higgins Perth Wedding Photographer Angela Higgins Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Perth Wedding Photographer Angela Higgins Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Angela Higgins Photography Workshop Peony Summer Bouquet Fox and Rabbit Angela Higgins Photography Workshop