A couple of weeks ago Grant and I took a welcome break to the south-west for a few days. The south-west is an area of Western Australia that I have grown to love over the years, largely because of its landscape and food and wine that is ever evolving and yet still so familiar no matter the time of year.

I’m incredibly fortunate because I travel to the south west including Margaret River and Yallingup a few times each year as a wedding photographer but visiting in winter is one of my favourite things to do. There is nothing better than sitting by a wood fire while we sip on some wine or enjoying an amazing meal at a winery. We were incredibly luck on our trip with blue skies for the entire stay.

After an amazing truffle infused lunch one day (because of course, it is truffle season!) we drove to Voyager Estate that I wanted to visit for a while having heard so much about its amazing gardens and their equally incredible wines and restaurant. It has been such a long time since I’ve photographed for myself and the moment I stepped from the car I was itching to get exploring. It really is exceptional how well the grounds are designed to showcase the main building and the seasonal gardens (including a to-die-for vegetable garden!). I’m looking forward to returning when the roses are in bloom and the sun is shining in summer which I am sure will be a completely different experience.

More of the south-west

Voyager Estate Wedding PhotographeVoyager Estate in WinterVoyager Estate in WinterWinter rosesVoyager Estate Margaret RiverVoyager Estate Margaret RiverVoyager Estate Wedding PhotographeVoyager Estate Vegetable GardenVegetable Garden Lettuce
Voyager Estate Margaret RiverVoyager Estate Margaret RiverVoyager Estate Margaret RiverVoyager Estate Margaret RiverVoyager Estate Margaret RiverVoyager Estate Margaret RiverVoyager Estate Margaret River

As we reminisced over a Croque Monsieur during Bastille Day last week, we realised its been nearly 2 years since we visited Paris, France. One of my couples from 2014 has been travelling all through Europe this month and following my bride’s amazing photographs on Instagram has made me nostalgic for a touch of the european lifestyle.

We picked up many habits on our trip to Paris that have now become part of our daily life. I love that my husband still drinks his coffee out of a cafe au lait bowl just as he learned in Paris. We still enjoy a charcuterie board at any chance we get – either at home or in a restaurant. A good pain au chocolate is the perfect grab and go breakfast for busy weekends and I love using my most favourite souvenir from Louis Vuitton almost every day.

Of course you know I took a lot of photos on our trip but I had plenty that never actually made the cut. I thought I’d share a few of those random photographs to revisit Paris today and I hope you enjoy it.

All images shot on Pentax 35mm with Kodak Tri-X film and Portra 400 & 800.


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July. Seriously!? The past 6 months have passed in the blink of an eye which is no doubt due to a huge new project Grant and I ventured into recently in purchasing another business. With the combination of wrapping up the wedding season and the purchase of a business its meant sleepless nights, 18 hours work days and lots of take away over the past 4 months as we make plans for the future (on a side note, you know you get too much take out when your 18 year old son starts to complain about it!)

I admit I love the early stages of business and this entire process has made me realise that I am a workaholic. I just love making plans, putting in place procedures and methods that have us working hard in the short term to make the business work harder in the long term but it has been a big learning curve for me. I know that a balance between work and life is more important than ever and I’m looking forward to taking a step back soon to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and taking a deep breath.

Before that happens though I have one more event on my calendar that I am excited for which is the Sandalford Open Day this Sunday, 5th July. After being chained to my office for weeks I’m looking forward to a beautiful day in the Swan Valley (we have the sun scheduled to come out) and I’d love to see you and chat about your wedding day. I have a special offer for bookings made as a result of the open day so send me an email or come and see me on the day for more information. I hope to see you there!

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Sandalford Winery Wedding Angela Higgins Perth Wedding Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I spent a beautiful winters day at South Beach with Sarah and Matthew for their engagement session. We spoke of our love for Broome where Sarah and Matthew had lived for a while, the country and unseasonally warm winter days like the one we were blessed with on this particular day.

Having first met at a New Years Eve party some 8 years ago, Sarah and Matthew’s love blossomed over their love of food and the outdoors. Matt wisely took advantage of his skills as a chef to cook Sarah a delicious meal at home and she was won over.

I am so looking forward to Matt and Sarah’s wedding at The Old Brewery next year and to spend even more time with them both but for now, here is their engagement!

02-Fremantle-Engagement-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-PhotographerFremantle Engagement Angela Higgins Wedding Photographer07-Fremantle-Engagement-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer08-Fremantle-Engagement-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer06-Fremantle-Engagement-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer05-Fremantle-Engagement-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer04-Fremantle-Engagement-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-PhotographerFremantle Engagement Angela Higgins Wedding Photographer09-Fremantle-Engagement-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer

I was thrilled when I heard that Amy and Cam were expecting and even more so when no sooner had they announced their pregnancy that Amy got in touch with me for newborn photography for their expected bundle of joy. You may remember this amazing couple from their wedding at Alverstoke Barn. Amy has such a solid understanding of what her style is which I saw at their wedding and when I walked into their home I was blown away by how she had decorated their new family home. I think you’ll agree that their baby boy, Pacey will be growing up in style and a whole lot of love.

Newborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela Higgins057_Pacey062_PaceyNewborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela Higgins25-Pacey-Newborn-Photography-Angela-HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela Higgins20-Pacey-Newborn-Photography-Angela-HigginsNewborn Photographer Perth Angela Higgins23-Pacey-Newborn-Photography-Angela-Higgins22-Pacey-Newborn-Photography-Angela-Higgins066_Pacey24-Pacey-Newborn-Photography-Angela-Higgins134_Pacey