As our house warmed up this morning, I couldn’t help but feel we are ready to welcome spring. Those cold mornings spent in my favourite cashmere jumper and ugg boots are coming to an end and soon we’ll be in the pool everyday drinking icy beverages and complaining about the heat (I say this of course as we have a rather wet weekend forecast in our weather).

This winter I had aspirations to explore my creative side and have a little downtime. I did manage to do this but perhaps not in the quantity I had hoped as winter is no longer the respite it once was. Amongst other things I taught a auto to manual workshop,  had a quick winter getaway to the south west where we indulged in good food and good wine and a certain young man turned 18 years old.

I didn’t read as many books as I had hoped and am planning on setting myself a little reading challenge to make the time to read rather than watching TV over the warmer months (but more on that later!). The time has come to start my tomato garden for summer and I am so hopeful that I will reap what I sow so be prepared for vegie garden overload. In the meantime, however here is a little ode to winter through my instagrams.

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Just last week I spent a beautiful Monday morning getting acquainted with this adorable little lady, Parker. At just over 5 months she was at a perfect age for us to get some beautiful photos of and her beautiful smile. I mentioned to Parker’s parents during the shoot that I simply don’t know how people with babies get anything done. Not because they are needy but because they are so incredible to watch! Their facial expressions change every second and their attitude can go from independence to total cuddle time in the blink of an eye.

And so here is the many faces of Parker and lots and lots of cuddle time.


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The story my dad tells of the first time he introduced my mother (his then fiance), to his parents is one that I love. He was from a small beachside town in New Zealand and somehow ended up in a small mining town in the north-west of Western Australia when they met. This 20-something nurse all the way from London who loved to act in small town plays and sing in folk bands had caught his eye.

She had come down with a cold so she took some medication to get through the night, he said. After a couple of celebratory drinks she was singing and dancing and not quite the picture of the English Rose, he had described to them. Its been embellished over the years to a story of her joining the pianist for a song and climbing a tree but as I’ve found over the years, one of my dad’s favourite past times is stirring my mum up (not unlike my own husband does to me) so who knows what the truth is.


Yesterday my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary while surrounded by their children, grandchildren and friends. Now as they are coming into a new season in their life with my mum considering retirement and my dad already being retired for a year, I know that there is still much that they want to accomplish together and individually including my dad dreams of driving down Route 66 in a convertible and my mum’s plans for exploring her creative side with songwriting. Whatever the future holds, I only hope that my marriage is half as successful as theirs and am so thankful for the example they have given me and my siblings of what a marriage really is.

I’m not sure what I want to say in this post but I do know that I have something on my heart so I’ll just write and see where it takes me.

Last week over dinner with one of my dearest friends, I confessed to her that I feared I was watching life pass me by. I had my priorities mixed up and was putting temporary gratification ahead of the more important things of my life and I feared soon it would be too late to do anything about it.

My habit when I take on a task it is usually an all or nothing scenario and I tend to focus on those things that offer instant gratification rather than the longer term. You could liken it to having all my responsibilities and desires in a box and pulling out just one thing that I will focus on for the next few days. Everything else in the meantime including family, relationships, health and creativity is left in the box; forgotten until I return another day. Those are the things that are the most important and yet by ignoring them I was saying it was ok to put work before time with my husband. I told my friend that I had been thinking of my life when I am 80 and how do I want that to look. Firstly, there was the harsh reality of will I reach 80 years of age with my current lifestyle habits? but also what is the legacy that I am leaving behind. A pretty Instagram feed and a well managed bookkeeping or something a little more valuable.

Inspired by one particular lady, I felt I needed to put a timeframe on this feeling. Its too easy to say, I’ll do that tomorrow or it can wait until next week but I don’t want to live day to day anymore without direction. I want to live a purposeful life and not put off until tomorrow what I can do today. For example, I realised that I’ve been putting off painting our living space for 4 years. 4 YEARS!! Its not super important but an example of how something gets pushed to the bottom of the box and then here you are, 4 years later. I’ve promised to get out with the dogs every morning for the past 6 years. I’ve always wanted to spend a summer afternoon with a picnic and good friends and have never done it. I’ve wanted to be fitter and healthier for I can’t remember how long. All these things that are put in the box and forgotten but are most prevalent on my heart need to be put first.

So in an effort to make the remainder of 2015 count, I’ve decided to focus on the next 134 days or 19 weeks. That is how long there is until 2016 when I would no doubt do the same pattern of making more promises and then by the following August I would realise how much I failed. So I’ve come up with a bucket list of sorts for the remaining 134 days of 2015 that includes my health, creativity, faith, relationships and work. Some are short-term and easily achievable and some are big and long-term but all are important to me and I plan on bringing you along on the journey with me every week. If you’re interested to know some of my goals, you can see a new Pinterest board which is my visual inspiration and I’ll see you next week with the results of Week 1. Wish me luck!


I fell a little bit in love with Amanda and Jared at their engagement session and after their wedding day, I was completely smitten. A last minute ceremony venue switch to the Margaret River Secret Garden and an outdoor wedding reception at Cullen Winery was exactly what Amanda and Jared had hoped for and I was over the moon to have been able to document it for them.

It is the wedding that keeps on giving as I can never listen to Something So Strong by Crowded House (their wedding hymn) without thinking of them and I was delighted to see it published in this month Bride to Be magazine. Be sure to pick yourself up a copy and revel in their day with me.

Congratulations again Amanda and Jared!!

Wedding Gown: Gwendolynne // Makeup: Gemma Skane // Hair Stylist: Blow on the Go // Florals: Zest Flowers // Bridesmaids Gowns: Scanlan and Theodore // Event Rentals & Styling: Aisle Style // Ceremony Venue: Margaret River Secret Garden // Reception Venue: Cullen Winery // Stationery: Santiago Sunbird // Cake Artist: Bake the Cake // Photography: Angela Higgins

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