While in Noosa earlier this month I was thrilled to catch up with Nic and Ranjit and their beautiful boys once again. They live a short distance from Noosa so we caught up at one of Nic’s favourite beaches just as the sun was rising to photograph their family doing what they do best – enjoying life and each other.

We skimmed rocks, swam in the ocean and Nic’s eldest climbed an incredibly big cliff face with his dad that stopped both of our hearts for a moment. Just as we finished the rain came down and lasted for almost 2 days straight so we were incredibly fortunate to have this moment together as the sun rose over the east coast.


  • Michelle Paul

    Angela – you have created yet another masterpiece. My brother, sister-in-law & beautiful angels have never looked better. Thank you so much for once again capturing my beautiful family the way they really are. Kindest regards – MichelleReplyCancel

Samuel had long begun to fall for Eunice before she fell for him. In high school she initially vetted him for a friend who was interested in Sam and quickly gave her stamp of approval seeing that was sweet, funny and a lot of fun however when a door of opportunity opened, Sam stepped in to be a friend and confidant for Eunice and they began to get to know each other as good friends over a few months. Eventually Eunice realised that perhaps they had reached a point where they were no longer friends but a possible love story and they planned their first date that solidified their relationship.

They have been together now for 10 years and their love story continues with their wedding in 2 short weeks. I can’t wait to see them wed and laugh through their wedding as they do through life.


For the past 6 years I have been offering Cypress Albums exclusively to my clients. While I recently added a new fine art album to my range, Cypress Albums are so luxurious and special that they are just perfect to be my clients first family heirloom. They truly are the icing on the proverbial wedding cake.

Usually around this time each year I have an influx of albums arriving in the studio after the wedding season has finished and I thought I’d share a few recent Cypress albums and a lovely proof box that left to new homes.

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Halloween in Australia just isn’t that big a deal and honestly, I’m cool with that. Other than buying a bag of lollies to hand out to the local kids, we don’t do much else to prepare but as we’ve been on holiday for the past few years at Halloween its not something we really celebrate.

However … a few years ago I discovered the world of doggie costumes and was HOOKED! I tell you if I was at home at Halloween, I’d be walking those two around the neighbourhood like crazy, showing off their costumes. One year when I was home I dressed them up and the kids that came to the door loved seeing them in their taco and bumble bee costumes and this year Phoebe will have the responsibility of dressing them up and handing out lollies while we’re away.

But I had to get a photo for my own amusement and here we go … my little pumpkin and Nacho Lily. I can’t even. Lily looks like an extra from Rango (one that might be ready to kill you with her death stare) and Lulu, well Lulu is still just as gorgeous in a pumpkin outfit.

Happy Halloween!!

halloween dog costume

While most engagement sessions are for my wedding clients, there are a few sessions I take each year for couples that have either eloped or are getting married overseas. Its always such a joy to meet new people and get to know them as their relationship unfolds in front of my camera and when I photographed Melvin and Jing’s engagement just over a week ago, it hardly felt like work as we chatted all afternoon.

They were in Perth from Singapore and were getting ready to drive north for a coastal holiday but first we spent a sunny afternoon together first in the bush and then at the beach.