Spring Bride Inspiration Editorial

“Sweet spring is your time, is my time, is our time. For springtime is love time” E.E. Cummings

It all started with one thought. To create a dream fantasy of a spring bride who is the very picture of femininity. Like a flower blossoming in the morning sun, we follow our bride Isabel as she stretches and wakes slowly from a dream of sleeping on a bed of spring flowers. With a flutter of her eyes she is awake and remembers it is the morning of her wedding when she will marry Jacob, the man who has captured her heart. She has never felt more beautiful, with the touch of soft silk and lace against her skin and with scent of spring blossoms in the air, she begins her morning before walking down the aisle.

I can’t thank our amazing team for helping me realise this concept. We had such an amazing day frolicking in the flowers and bringing our spring bride to life. Thank you so much!

Floral Design: Fox & Rabbit // Photography: Angela Higgins // Makeup: Milla Makeup  // Lace Robes: Girl With A Serious Dream // Lingerie: Target // Wedding Gowns: Samantha Wynne // Jewellery: Rohan Jewellery  // Stationery: Akimbo // Model: Brittany // Provincial Chair: The Corner Store

011-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 214-SpringBride-AngelaHiggins 006-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 001-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 004-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 003-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 005-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 009-Lace-Bridal-Robe-Angela-Higgins 007-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 010-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 008-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 209-SpringBride-AngelaHiggins 012-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 166-SpringBride-AngelaHiggins
016-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 019-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 017-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 018-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 020-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 013-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 021-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 022-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 014-Rohan-Jewellery-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 023-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 024-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 026-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 027-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 028-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 029-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 030-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 031-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 032-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 033-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 034-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 035-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 025-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 036-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer
049-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 038-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 039-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 040-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 042-Bridal-Boudoir-Angela-Higgins 041-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 043-Flower-Crown-Bride-Angela-Higgins 045-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 044-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 046-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 047-Boudoir-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 048-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 050-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 051-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 052-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 053-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 054-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 055-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 056-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 057-Bride-Bed-of-Roses-Angela-Higgins 058-Spring-Bride-Peonies-Angela-Higgins 059-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 061-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer 060-Spring-Bride-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer

City Beach Engagement – Clare and Perry

This weather we’ve been experiencing in Perth has reminded me of Clare and Perry’s engagement session. We postponed their session a couple of times due to stormy weather but finally when we did manage to do their session we had the most lovely winter light shining upon us.

Clare and Perry had been moving in the same circles for years before they began their own friendship. Their first date that was meant to be a movie date, turned out to be a 3 hour conversation in the car as they realised they had met, what can only be described, as their best friend in each other. There is something so magical about realising someone you always knew has qualities and a personality that you simply can’t live without.

I am so looking forward to seeing Clare and Perry become husband and wife this weekend at Joondalup Resort and am thrilled to be part of their day.

001_ClarePerry 002_ClarePerry 003_ClarePerry 004_ClarePerry
006_ClarePerry 007_ClarePerry 008_ClarePerry 009_ClarePerry 010_ClarePerry 011_ClarePerry 012_ClarePerry 013_ClarePerry 014_ClarePerry 015_ClarePerry


I have been so delighted to be invited over and over again back into my clients lives to become their family historian of sorts as they move from engagement to marriage and then onto expanding their family. Its magical to see how their lives have evolved and welcoming a baby into their life is certainly the most spectacular of moments.

A couple of weeks ago I was thrilled to photograph baby Aria. Her parents were married 2 years ago (today is actually their 2nd anniversary!) and we’ve kept in touch ever since. I can’t wait to see this little doll grow and will hopefully photograph a few of her siblings in the years to come.

If you are interested in a baby or family lifestyle photography session, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

04-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 02-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 05-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 03-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 07-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 06-Perth-baby-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 09-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 10-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 11-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 12-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 13-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 14-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 16-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 17-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins
20-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 19-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 23-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 15-Perth-baby-Photographer-Angela-Higgins
24-Perth-Family-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 22-Perth-baby-Photographer-Angela-Higgins

Noosa Travel Diary 2014

There is something so unique about Noosa that makes it feel special enough to be a welcomed holiday break and familiar enough to feel like home. We’ve been visiting for the past 5 years and during our stay this year I realised that it will always be a destination for us for many years to come.

Grant and I arrived a few days earlier than the rest of the family (who were coming for the Noosa Triathlon that Ben and Grant were competing in) and we spent our days wandering up and down the beach and shopping on Hastings Street, stopping for a cool drink and a moment to rest our feet and indulge our taste buds.

One of my favourite moments was after an amazing dinner at Miss Moneypenny’s as we got a gelato on the way home. All of a sudden the heavens opened and we ran home laughing while trying to avoid the big fat drops of summer rain. Or perhaps my favourite memory was as we walked the boardwalk hand in hand and I had to stop and take advantage of the oyster bar on offer for happy hour at Bernardo’s Bistro while we watched people enjoying the last of the sun’s warmth. Or maybe it was the crazy cheap mangoes that I ate every afternoon that exploded like a burst of summer with each bite. Its hard to choose one memory that is above another but I know we’ll be back soon to create even more.

Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-007 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-001 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-002 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-009 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-008 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-003 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-006 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-004 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-010 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-012 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-011 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-013 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-005 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-014 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-015 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-016 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-017 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-018 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-019 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-021 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-020 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-022 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-023 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-024 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-028 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-029 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-030
Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-027 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-025 Noosa-Angela-Higgins-Wedding-Photographer-026

Becoming a morning person

Ever since I can remember I have been a night owl. This also meant that I was a person who liked to sleep in the following morning. I think it began as a teenager when I would lock myself in my room away from my little brother and sister and get lost in a book for hours and before I knew it, it was the wee small hours of the morning and I had to try to get in a few hours of sleep before having to wake up for school.

As an adult with my own family, I like the quiet that comes late the evening after everyone has gone to bed but I started to see that my time before I went to bed and the first few hours of waking up, wasn’t very productive. In all honesty, I could see up to 6 hours of my day that was being wasted away. However, no matter how many times I set my alarm or how early I went to bed, I would end up tossing and turning through the night and taking forever to get to sleep and I started to resign myself to the fact that perhaps I was not born with the “morning person” gene. As a result, my morning routine tended to be something like this:

8.00am – Wake to my alarm. Turn over and continue sleeping.
8.30am – Wake up and lay in bed for another 30 minutes checking social media and my emails
9.00am – Get out of bed, walk across the hall to my office and respond to emails while Grant makes me a coffee. Stay at the desk until midday or my tummy told me I needed to have something to eat.

Not the best way to set myself up for a successful day. I know.

For the past couple of years I’ve had a desire to become a morning person for a number of reasons. There are studies that early risers sleep more soundly, are better planners, are more optimistic and spend more time with their families, not to mention the extremely impressive list of early risers that are not just successful in their field but leaders.

However, the most lovely accident came after our return home from Queensland earlier this month. All of a sudden I found myself waking naturally just after 6am and feeling refreshed. As soon as my eyes opened my mind was clear and I wanted to get up, make a coffee and say hello to the morning so I decided to just get up rather than fall back into my old routine.

My morning routine is now waking up between 6am-6.15am – when my body naturally wakes up. I do have my alarm set for 7am just in case but I haven’t had to rely on it as yet. I make myself a big strong latte and give Lulu her medicine and we then have a slow wander through the garden in the quiet of the morning. I love spending time tending to the garden and checking our vegetable garden for any new produce I may be able to use that day. By 6.30am I am sitting in an armchair in our bedroom reading my bible and listening to music and by 7am I am starting to think about breakfast and mentally mapping out what my day is going to look like. Perhaps the best thing about my morning routine is that I haven’t yet touched my phone and the TV is still turned off until about 7.30am when everyone else is up.

At the other end of the scale, this does mean that I am starting to feel tired at 8.30pm and am in bed by 9pm and ready to sleep but its a small price to pay for the extra time in my day and the sound nights sleep.

Here are a few tips that I found are crucial if you are also trying to become a morning person.

  1. Get up when you wake up. This is easier when you wake naturally and eventually your body clock will tune in to it.
  2. Find something enjoyable to do in the morning that is just about you. For me this is doing a little gardening and reading my bible and I’m currently reading a chronological plan to read through the bible in a year and I am starting to include exercise through alternating C25K and yoga. For you it might be exercise or reading or simply having the time for a shower in peace.
  3. Go to bed when you are tired. Don’t push through that first stage of tiredness as I used to do. Even if it is 8pm and you feel like you’re turning into an 80 year old; go to bed when you’re tired.
  4. When you go to bed, leave your phone alone. From the time I walk into our bedroom to get ready for bed my phone is on Do Not Disturb and I don’t use my phone for anything other than listening to music. Have a shower or bath, listen to music, read a book until you are ready to sleep.

I realise this may not be possible for everyone (especially those with young children) but trust me, if I can become a morning person, you can do it too.

Peonies Angela Higgins Wedding Photographer