For the past 6 years I’ve offered the one album type to my clients from Cypress Albums. The quality has never faltered and they truly are a family heirloom but last year I decided to look for an alternative in price and something a little more contemporary.

These new fine art albums are lightweight and modern and with a range of fabric or leather covers, there is a look to suit everyone. While these albums are printed on paper and my other albums are printed on photographic paper, they are still similar in their layout which I love and I couldn’t resist doing a beautiful 12″ sample album with Nina and Jason’s wedding photographs.


Just as I was getting ready to leave for our holiday in Paris, Lucy contacted me to photograph their little bundle of joy that was expected in late April. Their little girl eventually came a week later than expected and shortly after I came and hang out with them at their beautiful home.

I normally try to arrive at a newborn session around the time they are due for a feed as not long afterwards they will usually fall asleep but Olivia decided she was going to show us her power of will. She was wide awake for the entire time and refused to doze off for us, no matter how much she ate. We joked that her stubborn nature might prove a problem when they try to encourage her to eat her broccoli.

Here she is, the beautiful Olivia.

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Our trip to Paris began as grey skies flanked by grey buildings being shielded by dark and bare branches. As we explored the city though, we discovered small pockets of spring throughout with burst of colour and flavour. I’m sure Grant got tired of my exclamations of bright red strawberries and spring bulbs and the most amazing yellow flowering shrubs. Every restaurant we visited had new season asparagus on its menu for entree and one dessert of strawberries sprinkled with sugar took my back to my childhood and was better than any dessert I had ever had before.

Nature has always helped me feel closer to God and this was a new level of awareness as each corner we turned reminded me of the earth that He painted and breathed into light and the ongoing promise that the world keeps on turning and the beauty of spring will always come after the cold and dark winter.

And so here is Paris, in the gloriousness of spring time.


The phrase “when you know, you know” has never been more true for Joanne and Brett. Having gotten engaged less than 6 months of meeting each other, they didn’t need to wait any longer to know that they had found the one.

The weekend after returning from Paris, I was delighted to photograph their wedding at UWA and Mosmans. The weather was not going according to plan but you wouldn’t know from the beaming smiles on the faces of their family and friends. Congratulations Jo and Brett and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Wedding Gown: Raffinato Bridal // Hair Stylist: Hair by Ivy // Florals: Budding Stars // Cake Artist: De la Rosa // Ceremony: UWA Sunken Gardens // Reception Venue: Mosmans // Photography: Angela Higgins


I say it every year, but I love autumn. Our meals are a little more thought out and spend time simmering on the stove top permeating the house and I’ve loved curling up on the couch in warm cardigans and hot cups of green tea while watching the new season of Grace & Frankie (if someone can get Dolly Parton on this show for a 9 to 5 reunion I will lose my mind!). I’ve been quiet on social media since our return from Paris but there is a lot going on that is keeping me occupied.

One of my favourite things to do this autumn is pluck a mandarin from our very own tree for my mid-afternoon snack before inspecting the garden with Lily and Lulu. Is there anything quite as satisfying as eating the fruits of your labour literally off the branch? I think not. This guy has been so easy to look after and that fact that he gave us fruit on the first year is fantastic. Our experience with lemons and limes is that they take a couple of years to establish before you finally get some results.

Each autumn I get reinvigorated to plan out our winter and spring vegie patch and this year was no different. We’ve loaded up on carrots, rainbow chard, kale, beets and radish which are all perfect for a little harvest here and there without too much effort. The front garden received a bucket load of spring bulbs which I can’t wait to see bloom too.


I have a music playlist for almost every season and my autumn playlist is by far one of my favourites. With soft jazz and a little bit of country it is perfect for those short, crisp days as your soup simmers on your stove.