Caversham House Wedding – Elara and Shayne

There were so many moments that made Elara and Shayne’s Caversham House wedding all the more memorable. Shayne dropping the wedding rings. Elara putting Shayne’s wedding ring on the wrong hand. Being announced under Elara’s maiden name. Elara’s brother landing from LA just 3 hours before the wedding. Oh, and the torrential downpour that occurred the entire morning before the ceremony.

When I look back on their day however, I see nothing but love and happiness surrounded in a cloud of soft pink that was Elara’s signature colour for their wedding. It was just the right amount of colour needed for a winter wedding that turned so many hiccups into a wonderful day to remember.

Venue: Caversham House // Florals: Willetton Wedding Flowers // Wedding Gown: Collezione Bridal Couture // Bridesmaid Dresses: Light in the Box // Feather Shrugs: Alannah Hill // Makeup Artist: Bethlyn Hoyes Makeup Artistry // Cake Artist: My Sweet Dream Cakes // Photography: Angela Higgins

Salade Nicoise

Hello Spring! You know how much I love curling up with big jumpers and cozy blankets and enjoying winter meals, but I am so ready to say goodbye to winter. Strawberries are everywhere and so cheap I’ve been buying almost a kilo every other day. Spring blooms are demanding my attention with their bright colours and frilly petals. Our vegie garden is full with lettuces, spring onions and carrots that I need to use to I can make way for our summer vegetables.

When I see a change in the season it usually involves fresh produce that brings a very welcome change. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had fajitas, tacos and quesadillas in the last month as I struggled to make myself even step foot in the kitchen let alone be creative. The main thing I’m looking forward this summer is more salads, tapas and antipasti enjoyed outdoors. Meals that don’t even require turning on the stove and can be enjoyed in the late evening with a little preparation and not a lot of effort.

In honour of spring, I decided to put on my Kitchen Happiness playlist and pull together a Nicoise salad for lunch using fresh lettuce from my kitchen garden and left over boiled potatoes and green beans from dinner the night before for an easy and light, spring inspired meal and I thought that you too might like to get into the spring spirit!

Nicoise Salad 01


For the salad
Blanched green beans, boiled and cooled chat/baby potatoes, tomatoes, kalamata olives, hard boiled eggs (estimate one potato and one egg per person), tinned tuna packed in olive oil (drained but try to keep it in chunks), lettuce, anchovy fillets (optional)

For the dressing
Equal portions red wine vinegar and olive oil (1/4 cup of each should be enough for a 2 person salad). Pour into a jar and add 2tbsp dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Shake it up, give it a taste and add more oil if its too vinegary or more dijon for bite.

Place all the salad ingredients in a large bowl (except for the tuna and eggs) and pour over a little of the dressing. Toss the salad gently, adding more dressing if needed. For the last toss, add the tuna. Arrange on a plate and add the egg quarters and enjoy with a glass of your favourite summer wine!

Nicoise Salad 02 Nicoise Salad 03

Choosing your wedding photographer

Planning a wedding can be a very overwhelming time. The most overwhelming is perhaps the very beginning stages as you start tackling what at first seems like a never ending list of choosing and booking your venue, celebrant, bridal party, stylist, decor, florist, clothing, and photographer – to name just a few.

Each component is important in bringing to life the wedding day of your dreams and each will have a different level of priority with you and your fiance and allocated differently in your budget. The perfect couture gown is the priority for some brides while others they are happy with a simple, classic gown off the rack. Some brides want a silk flower bouquet to keep rather than using fresh flowers. One couple will not negotiate on the perfect waterfront location and another will celebrate with their guests in their backyard.

While I may be biased, I do feel that one area couples can not compromise or negotiate on is their wedding photography. A good photographer can bring an entirely different element to your wedding and in how you remember your day. A good photographer can make an off the rack gown look like a couture gown. A good photographer can make a bouquet of silk flowers look like they just came from the flower market. A good photographer can make your parents backyard look like a secret garden. A good photographer can take away the stress and guesswork and help you enjoy your wedding day.

Angela Higgins

A photographer you have chosen based solely on budget thinking that photography is not an important element, may not be able to give you these things but if you’re going to invest in an experienced photographer with a consistent portfolio of beautiful weddings, here are a few things to consider to help you choose your photographer:

Having someone else’s stamp of approval is very encouraging and gives you a unique insight to their own experience. Having said this, it is important to not book a photographer on referral alone as your friends taste in photography could be very different to yours. Once you have your recommendations you can then “weed out” photographers that don’t appeal to you through your initial connection with their photographs.

With your list of photographers, understand what it is about their photographs that appeals to you (or doesn’t appeal to you) to help you short-list. Do you like the portraits of brides and grooms look relaxed and in love in close up, intimate photographs or do you prefer more stylised portraits with a wide angle and sweeping backgrounds? Is it natural light or flash photography that you prefer? Once you have established what you like and don’t like, you can then contact the photographers who’s work you have a connection with for more information about their services.

While looking through a photographers portfolio (online or in person), look for a consistency in their work. Is there consistency with the lighting, post-processing and the “feel” of the photograph or does it feel a little haphazard? Is the editing the same from wedding to wedding or does it change considerably? Don’t be afraid to ask a short-listed photographer for access to see a completed wedding from start to finish to understand what you can expect for your own photographs.

Discussing how a photographer chooses to value their work is an entirely different conversation but you need to understand what you are getting in return for your investment. When and how will you receive your photographs? When can you expect your wedding album? What will happen if the photographer has to cancel the booking? There are also intangible service offers that you will get in addition to the photography. For example, I only accept 25 bookings per year so I offer an exclusive service to my clients as well as high end products from the best artisans in the world. Each photographer will provide a different service but a good service offer will help streamline your planning process and your experience on the day and following your wedding.

Happy wedding planning!

Origrami – Printing your instagrams

I do love the digital age in terms of photography. Being able to share moments so quickly with people from around the globe has its advantages but I also feel that when we look at photos in a digital format, there is the tendency to speed read through them. We don’t hover as you do with a printed photograph. We don’t read between the lines as much. We have so much information to filter through that it is a shame as a photograph has many elements of interest and they can be overlooked as you race to see the next image.

Now I’ve been instagraming for a couple of years, I love the medium and being able to scrol through this virtual scrapbook of my life but I still wanted to be able to sit down and hold something tangible like I do a printed photograph and to put away to reflect on by myself or with my family. You know when you pull out a photo from a box of photographs and the next thing you realise is you’ve been sitting there for hours revisiting your memories? That is the feeling I want when I look at a photograph. To immerse and get lost amongst my memories.

During my search recently for a way to print my Instagrams, I came across an Australian based company called Origrami. In no time at all, I had 36 of my favourite instagram photographs selected, printed and sent to my doorstep in a perfect little package. There are a number of ways you can print them and sizes and I chose the Retroprint pack. With dates and locations printed on the back, I will always remember these souvenirs from everyday life to special occasion.

The fantastic team at Origrami were kind enough to gift me with one Retroprint pack to give to one lucky person so they too can print their instagram memories. All you need to do to be in the running is repost this instagram photo and tag me in your regram. Easy! The winner will be announced on Saturday at 12pm WST. Good luck!


Poppy Bouquet Bridal Inspiration

Last spring, my friend Jappalin of Flower Talk and I decided to make the most of the beautiful spring flowers and pulled together a bridal inspiration editorial in one week. Style shoots normally take a couple of months to pull together concepts, the team and the venue but we had an amazing team that jumped at the chance to bring our vision to life even considering our short time frame to take advantage of the best flowers of early spring. In hindsight I can see I was wearing rose coloured glasses, feeling so inspired having just returned from France but we managed to pull together a beautiful editorial with a focus on the amazing flowers of the season that is just beautiful to look at.

The first look of the shoot was featuring the beautiful bottle brush flowers and the second was a kaleidoscope of poppies with an amazing feathered Wendy Makin gown.

Thank you to 100 Layer Cake for also featuring this beautiful spring shoot who loved it just as much as we did.

Venue: Brookside Vineyard // Hair & Makeup: Kassy Wong // Floral Design: Flower Talk // Furniture Rentals: The Corner Store // Bride’s Dress: Wendy Makin from Samantha Wynne Boutique // Model: Elise Natalie // Photographer: Angela Higgins 

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