Perth Engagement Session – Katherine and Julian

She confesses that she chased him when they were 17 years old. After meeting through mutual friends, she felt the connection immediately and her heart wouldn’t quit until Julian also realised it. It took him a few months (no doubt a lifetime in Katherine’s eyes) before they started dating and here they are some 8 years later preparing to marry. It always pays to listen to your heart.

I was delighted to meet Katherine and Julian in person for the first time a couple of weeks ago for their engagement session. We spoke of their upcoming wedding in April and their plans for the future and I am so thankful to have been welcomed into their lives to capture this amazing time in their lives.

001-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 002-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 004-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 007-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 003-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 005-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 010-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 008-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 009-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 006-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 011-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 012-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins 013-Perth-Wedding-Photographer-Angela-Higgins

Sandalford Winery Wedding

I was about 2 years ago that Amanda and Ken met in Tokyo at a You Tube party. Ken is a You Tube comedian and the moment he saw Amanda, she says there was a pause in the atmosphere – not unlike something from a movie. Despite their language barriers, Ken gathered his courage and asked Amanda on a date.

They soon discovered that although they grew up worlds apart, their upbringing and values were very similar. They know we are offered one chance to do something amazing with our lives on this earth and embrace the adventure that comes with it.

So it was last month at Sandalford Winery that they brought their worlds together for their wedding day. With many guests coming from Japan it was a blending of cultures and was done so lovely by Amanda and her mother and The Original Wedding Company. I was honoured to be there on that sunny day as they said “I do!”

Makeup and Hair Stylist : Flawless // Wedding Gown: Collezione Bridal Couture // Florist : Angel Flowers // Hire & Rentals : Touched by Angels // Event Coordinator: The Original Wedding Company // Cake : Red Apron Cakes // Venue : Sandalford Winery // Photographer: Angela Higgins

001-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 002-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 003-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 004-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 005-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 006-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 007-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 008-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 009-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 010-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 011-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 012-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 013-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 014-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 018-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 019-Japanese-Kimono-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 021-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 022-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 023-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins
026-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 025-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 027-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 028-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 029-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 030-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins
033-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 032-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 034-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 035-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins
020-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 037-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 038-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 039-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 041-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 040-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 042-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins 043-Sandalford-Winery-Wedding-Angela-Higgins

Noosa Portrait Session

Today is a portrait session close to my heart. You see the young lady in these photos is my step-daughter, Pheobe. I’ve watched her grow from a child into a woman and am privileged to have been able to guide her through her life. To advise her when she needs it (and even more when she doesn’t want to hear it). To try to set an example of what it means to be a woman today, which is no easy feat.

I have noticed that our relationship has changed rather dramatically since she entered adulthood and we are trying to find a new equilibrium in our lives. A balance between her being independent and still being an active and valued part of our home and our lives. She obviously wants more freedom and think she knows best and it is a challenge for me to hold back and let her make her mistakes rather than swoop her up and protect her. She challenges me to remember that my ways are not her ways and no matter how much she may have copied me as a child, she is now her own woman.

One of the best decisions she made since becoming an adult is choosing this young man to be her boyfriend. Aidan balances her and reminds her, in his own way, of those things I might have a few years ago. While she knows no boundaries in her dreams and plans, he will carefully place himself nearby to catch her when she falls.

I was honoured to photograph their relationship on our recent trip to Noosa to help Phoebe remember this time in her life.

010-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 001-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 006-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 007-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 004-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 009-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 013-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 005-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 012-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 022-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 014-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 017-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 018-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 023-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 025-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 033-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 021-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 020-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 016-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 026-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins
029-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 028-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 032-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 036-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 035-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 027-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 037-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 038-noosa-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins

Christmas Wish List 2014

I do love Christmas. Everything about it. This year we decided on a whim to get a real live Christmas tree which we’ve decorated in silver, white and gold and it almost touches the roof in our living room. Its a beauty and I can’t help but touch it each time I pass it. Grant went to town on his recent trip to the US by bringing home some rather large inflatables that are decorating our front lawn. One is a 10ft reindeer that has many people doing a double take as they go past our street.

Both sides of our families are taking part in a Secret Santa this year I feel so much less stress and worry than previous years. We can buy one gift for our randomly chosen person (I used this awesome free website) but we still buy gifts within our own immediate family but on a small scale. Its such a great chance to close the year with a lovely thoughtful gift to show someone how much they’ve meant to you over the year and I love the hunt for the perfect gift.

This year I pulled together a wish list for myself that I’ll be sharing with my husband which considering he does his christmas shopping on Christmas Even will make things easier for him. After all, if it makes his life easier I’m all for it.


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Hyde Park Wedding – Jaz and Justin

It was with great pleasure that I was able to photograph Jaz and Justin’s wedding last month. I had been looking forward to this day for quite some time to witness Jaz and Justin make their family official with their daughter and Justin’s son watching on. We were blessed with the most beautiful weather as they said their vows in a park surrounded by their friends and family from across the globe.

You may recognise Jaz’s sister Chloe who recently welcomed this adorable little girl into her family and of course from her wedding to Brendan that I photographed in 2011.  So 3 years, a baby and a few more tattoos later, I was delighted to photograph Jaz and Justin’s wedding and spend time with their family again.

Wedding Gown: Samantha Wynne // Bridesmaids Gowns: Review // Hair Stylist: Chanel Didomenico // Makeup Artist: Misty Gillies // Florist: Blossom & Bloom // Rentals: Wedding Day Flair // Reception: The Red Herring // Entertainment: Howie Morgan

005-perth-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 001-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 027-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 004-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 003-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 006-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 002-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 007-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 008-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 009-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 010-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 011-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 012-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 013-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 018-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 019-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 021-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 020-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 017-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 023-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 025-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 024-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 016-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 026-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 028-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 022-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 029-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 030-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 031-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 032-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 033-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 034-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 035-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 036-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 038-perth-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 041-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 040-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 037-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 043-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 039-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 044-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 045-perth-wedding-photographer-angela-higgins 042-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 046-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 047-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 048-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 049-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 050-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 052-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 051-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 053-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 054-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer 055-pastel-wedding-angela-higgins-photographer