Perth Wedding Photographer – Amber and Adam

Just a couple of weeks ago I met Amber and Adam for their engagement session and boy did we get some beautiful sunlight. As a Perth Wedding Photographer, my priority for every photograph is finding beautiful and flattering natural light and one of the reasons I love shooting in April and May is because the light is just so different to the warmer months. It seems to radiate softer.

At Adam and Amber’s engagement session, we got that perfect light I daydream about. Throw in a couple in love and their willingness to trust my vision and we had an afternoon from heaven capturing their love.

Amber and Adam are getting married tomorrow at this beautiful chapel and I am so excited to spend time with them again.

01-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 02-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 03-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 04-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 05-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 06-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 07-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 10-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 11-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 12-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 09-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer
14-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 08-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 15-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 17-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 26-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 18-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 20-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 19-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer
23-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 22-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 16-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer
25-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 27-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 28-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 30-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 32-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 33-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 29-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 34-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 31-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 35-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer

Things I’m Loving – Autumn Edition

Ah autumn! We’re in the middle of a cool, wet week here in Perth after a beautiful Easter long weekend and I honestly could not be happier. My favourite morning ritual at the moment is looking out our bathroom window at our pomegranate tree, watching the leaves turn from green to yellow, red and brown with the promise of autumn.

As a wedding photographer, autumn signals a change of pace. Weddings are less frequent, I don’t need to spend as much time at the computer and have more free time to work on personal projects or read or bake in the kitchen. I also have the time to look at business developments and have some exciting projects in the works from a business perspective that I look forward to sharing with you in spring.

But now I wanted to share some of my favourite things in the Things I’m Loving, autumn edition.

Things I'm loving Autumn edition

One. To be honest with you, our first year of marriage was a wake up call for me. I realised that if we wanted our marriage to be successful then we needed to work at it beyond having a date night once a month. I started reading The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Kellar last year but never finished it and look forward to curling up in a chair with it again this month. If you are looking for some practical insight into what marriage really is and how you can strengthen your own, I can’t recommend it enough.

Two. Who doesn’t love a good candle? I recently splurged and bought myself a Diptyque candle and it was totally worth it. It lasts forever, leaves a slight scent in the room even when its not burning and looks pretty good too. I’m on the lookout for something a bit warmer for winter but for now my Baies scented candle is matching perfectly with the rain.

Three. After analysing my rather sporadic skincare routine earlier this year, I decided to create a regime for morning and night that was simple and hopefully proactive in preventing premature aging. Part of this was including a serum to my daily routine and after getting so confused with what was on the shelves I eventually went with Rosehip Oil. I used to use this in my early 20’s and it is just as lovely as I remember and leaves my skin feeling wonderful before using my moisturiser.

Four. A good lipstick is often hard to find but this is my favourite one for the past couple of years; Lip Chic by Chantecaille in Bourbon Rose. You can slather it on for a darker colour or just give a few quick wipes for a more delicate look. It moisturises and doesn’t dry out and smells amazing!

Five. As we move into cooler months I notice my skin starting to show some signs of dullness and dryness from a long, hot summer so I decided to give the rather trendy Frank a go. Made from ground coffee beans, this stuff is magic and I was a fan from the first try. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go. I promise you’ll be converted.

Six. Finally one of my favourite things about autumn is bringing back the knitwear. At the start of summer I decided to try a capsule wardrobe and as a result put many things in storage and threw even more things away. As I edit my autumn/winter wardrobe and look at new items to add, I’m so glad that one of my favourite colours is still around this season and look forward to layering creams, soft blue and monochromes into my wardrobe for a classic and uncomplicated look.

What are you loving this autumn?

Charlotte Rose

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time with the beautiful Charlotte Rose for some newborn photographs. I have been fortunate to have had a long relationship with Charlotte’s parents having photographed their wedding and maternity session and I hope to be able to continue documenting their family in the years to come. It was amazing to think back to when they got married and then look at this miracle that is now in their care.

And so here is their beautiful daughter at just 2 weeks old and as bright as a button.

Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins
18-Perth-Baby-Photographer-Angela-Higgins Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins
Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins Perth Baby Photography Angela Higgins

UWA Wedding – Kaila and Matthew

The weather forecast all week was at best, doomsday predictions. Saturday was going to be flash flooding and cyclonic wind speeds. For a couple having an outdoor ceremony this was not the forecast they wanted but when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and if anyone knows this it is Kaila and Matthew.

As the rain began to fall lightly, Matt and Kaila exchanged vows with humour and heartfelt love. A perfect representation of the two of them and I felt so blessed to be part of their day.

Gown: Anna Campbell // Makeup: Kristen Ashton // Hair Stylist: Kristy-Lee Ionnakis Bridal Hairstylist // Bouquets: Family friend // Ceremony Florals: Blossom & Thorn // Event Designer/Stylist: Butcher, Baker, Stylist & Creator // Officiant: When Adam Met Eve // Ceremony Venue: UWA Tropical Grove // Reception Venue: Bells Functions // Photography: Angela Higgins

01-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 02-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 03-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 04-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 06-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 05-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 07-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 08-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 09-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 10-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 11-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 12-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 13-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 14-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 15-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 16-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 17-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 18-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 19-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 20-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 21-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 22-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 23-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 24-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 25-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 26-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 27-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 28-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 29-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 30-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 31-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 32-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 33-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 34-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 35-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 36-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 37-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 38-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 39-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 40-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer 41-Angela-Higgins-Perth-Wedding-Photographer

Maternity Photography – Jessica

The most wonderful realisation is that as a wedding photographer I have the opportunity to document not just a milestone in a couple’s life but the beginning of a new life. Whether a couple has been dating for a decade or a couple of years, declaring those vows and exchanging rings is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Now in my 6th year as a wedding photographer, I am being invited back into my clients lives to document their family as it grows. Through maternity, newborn and family sessions I am able to continue to photograph their legacy. I always love catching up with my couples because we work together so closely during their wedding that we often become friends and spending time with Jess and Luke was just that. In fact we spent so much time talking about life and everything in between that I had to remind myself to take some photos of Jess looking incredible in her pregnancy.

Jess and Luke welcomed their little girl into the world two weeks ago and I was so thrilled to meet her last Friday but before I share some of those lovely photos, here is Jessica. Expectant for the newest chapter in her life as a mother.

Maternity-Photography-Perth-Angela-Higgins-003 Maternity-Photography-Perth-Angela-Higgins-004 Maternity-Photography-Perth-Angela-Higgins-005 Maternity-Photography-Perth-Angela-Higgins-008 Maternity-Photography-Perth-Angela-Higgins-012 Maternity-Photography-Perth-Angela-Higgins-001 Maternity-Photography-Perth-Angela-Higgins-002 Maternity-Photography-Perth-Angela-Higgins-009 Maternity-Photography-Perth-Angela-Higgins-006 Maternity-Photography-Perth-Angela-Higgins-011