About Angela

Hello and welcome! I’m Angela Higgins and I am a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. I live with my husband, my two teenage step-kids and our two dogs and when I’m not photographing weddings I can be found practicing my interior decorating skills in our new home while singing along to Ella Fitzgerald. One day I hope to build up the courage to attempt Julia’s Boeuf Bourguignon – I have dreams it will be a raging success!

Taking a leap of faith just a few days before Christmas 2008, I left my “real” job and started my own photography business. I had found a connection with the people in front of my camera that gave me a renewed hope in humanity and I had a thirst to explore. Quite by accident, I fell in love with the intimacy of weddings that still make my heart leap into my throat and the tears well in my eyes.

It is a such a privilege to be invited into my clients lives to share in their wedding day and it is my hope I leave them with just a little more loveliness in their lives through my photographs.

If you’d like to be a part of the experience and step in front of my camera (or would like to know the secret to my home made vanilla bean ice cream) then I’d love to hear from you.