In the studio with Fox & Rabbit

One of the most fantastic things I’ve found about being in the wedding industry in Perth is the amazing creative people I meet and how many of them become fast friends. One of those people who I clicked with immediately was Rebecca from Fox & Rabbit. We’ve known each other for a few years now but it was after Bec trusted me to shoot a style shoot she pulled together back in 2011 that we finally had a chance to work together.

When I was conceptualizing the Summer issue of Loveliness, I wanted to showcase something exclusive and inspirational for my clients but wasn’t ready to create a whole style shoot. So I decided to call Bec and ask her if she’d be willing to craft a simple bouquet inspired by summer just for my readers.

I met with her in her new home studio just before Christmas and she crafted a gorgeous bouquet, perfect for a summer bride while I asked incessant questions and photographed her. What resulted was better than I could have hoped and I can’t thank her enough!

You can read more of this story and tips from Bec when choosing your flowers for your wedding on page 38 in the Summer issue of Loveliness online now!

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  1. Love your work Ange!! Thanks for the feature you gorgeous woman!

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