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Angela Higgins is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. She loves all things coconut flavoured and longs to be a Hitchcock ice-cold blonde but above all, she loves to photograph couples in love. Feel free to send her an email if you want to get to know her better.

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Peony Angela Higgins Photographer

Client Gift – Limited edition print

Towards the end of 2014 I wanted to do something to thank my clients. Something to say I am truly grateful for their trust but in a way that would also be a symbol of this incredibly unique...

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Bohemian Luxe Perth Wedding – Hayley and Glenn

It seems fitting as we approach Valentines Day that I share with you the story of Hayley and Glenn. They were driving south for a week of camping, as they have done many times before, but on this particular drive down it was also Valentines Day. Not long after they made camp, Glenn announced they were off again and for Hayley to get in the car for a surprise Valentines dinner. I can imagine Hayley’s surprise as she looked down at her camping clothes and thought of the prospect of a romantic dinner perhaps not dressed as she’d like.

Glenn decided they’d have a pre-dinner drink and soak up the…

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