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Angela Higgins is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. She loves all things coconut flavoured and longs to be a Hitchcock ice-cold blonde but above all, she loves to photograph couples in love. Feel free to send her an email if you want to get to know her better.

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Angela Higgins Photography Workshop

Angela Higgins Workshop – October 2014

I was so pleased to have 6 fabulous upcoming photographers attend my photography workshop earlier this week – and what a day it was! I do love offering the workshop as it allows me to...

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Mosman Restaurant Wedding – Lucy and Jackson

If you are going to meet your future husband, then do it in Paris right? Lucy and Jackson met 4 years ago as they travelled Europe with a travel group but it was as they stood under the bright lights of the Moulin Rouge that Jackson decided to strike up a conversation with Lucy and her friends and knew that this was a girl who was special.

From that moment on he clearly couldn’t be kept apart from her as he followed her to London, Bali and then to her home town of Perth where they now live. A love that will move mountains is what Jackson and Lucy have together and it was…

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