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Angela Higgins is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. She loves all things coconut flavoured and longs to be a Hitchcock ice-cold blonde but above all, she loves to photograph couples in love. Feel free to send her an email if you want to get to know her better.

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Angela Higgins Photography Workshop

Angela Higgins Workshop – October 2014

I was so pleased to have 6 fabulous upcoming photographers attend my photography workshop earlier this week – and what a day it was! I do love offering the workshop as it allows me to...

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Spring Bride Inspiration Editorial

“Sweet spring is your time, is my time, is our time. For springtime is love time” E.E. Cummings

It all started with one thought. To create a dream fantasy of a spring bride who is the very picture of femininity. Like a flower blossoming in the morning sun, we follow our bride Isabel as she stretches and wakes slowly from a dream of sleeping on a bed of spring flowers. With a flutter of her eyes she is awake and remembers it is the morning of her wedding when she will marry Jacob, the man who has captured her heart. She has never felt more beautiful, with the touch of soft silk…

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